The listed special issues (further special issues are in preparation) were initiated out of the SPP 1409. The document the topics the SPP has been working on and also the outcomes of the projects involved.
Further on, they also document international cooperation, as often foreign partners and guests of SPP-workshops are involved.

Bromme, R., & Goldman, S. (Guest Eds.) (2014). Understanding the Public Understanding of Science: Psychological Approaches (Special Issue). Educational Psychologist.49,(2).
Dunwoody, S., & Peters, H.-P. (Guest Eds.) (accepted). Scientific Uncertainty in Mediated Communication (Special Issue). Public Understanding of Science.
Jucks, R. & Mayweg-Paus, E. (Guest Eds.) (accepted). Learning Through Communication: How Arguing About Scientific Information Contributes to Learning (Special Issue). Zeitschrift für Pädagogische Psychologie/German Journal of Educational Psychology.
Maier, M. & Taddicken, M. (Guest Eds.) (2013). Audience Perspectives on Science Communication (Special Issue). Journal of Media Psychology, 25(1).
Richter, T. & Rapp, D.N. (Guest Eds.) (2014). Comprehension and Validation of Text Information (Special Issue). Discourse Processes, 51, (1-2).
Stadtler, M., & Bromme, R. (Guest Eds.) (2013). Multiple Document Comprehension (Special Issue). Cognition and Instruction, 3.

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