This website records the work of the research program ‘Science and the Public‘, which was funded by the DFG from 2009 to 2015.
Last update in March, 2017 – there will be no further updates.


The following special issues in international scientific journals were initiated from members of the SPP 1409 `Science and the Public`. They record the topics that were central to the research within SPP 1409, and they document the research results of the individual projects funded within the SPP. They also document the vast international cooperation – many of the articles within these special issues were co-authored with international partners, and past speakers of workshops organized by the SPP 1409.


Bromme, R. & Kienhues, D. (Hrsg.) (2017). Gewissheit und Skepsis: Wissenschaftskommunikation als Forschungsthema der Psychologie (Sonderheft). Psychologische Rundschau, 68(3).


Jucks, R. & Mayweg-Paus, E. (Guest Eds.) (2016). Learning through communication. How arguing about scientific information contributes to learning (Special issue). Zeitschrift für Pädagogische Psychologie/German Journal of Educational Psychology, 30(2–3).

Maier, M. & Post, S. (Guest Eds.) (2016). Scientific uncertainty in the public discourse. How scientists, media and audiences present und process scientific evidence (Special issue). Communications – the European Journal of Communication Research, 41(3).

Peters, H. P., & Dunwoody, S. (Guest Eds.) (2016) Scientific Uncertainty in the Media (Special Issue). Public Understanding of Science, 25(8).


Bromme, R., & Goldman, S. (Guest Eds.) (2014). Understanding the Public Understanding of Science: Psychological Approaches (Special Issue). Educational Psychologist, 49(2).

Richter, T. & Rapp, D.N. (Guest Eds.) (2014). Comprehension and Validation of Text Information (Special Issue). Discourse Processes, 51(1-2).


Maier, M. & Taddicken, M. (Guest Eds.) (2013). Audience Perspectives on Science Communication (Special Issue). Journal of Media Psychology, 25(1).

Stadtler, M., & Bromme, R. (Guest Eds.) (2013). Multiple Document Comprehension (Special Issue). Cognition and Instruction, 3.

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